Sunday, 24 January 2016

Reunites: How to, using The Register

All collectors of medals and many families searching for their ancestor's medals will be looking for a missing medal (or medals) to make a group whole again. Effecting a reunite is a holy grail, and generally takes luck more than anything.

The internet and databases are improving the chances of a re-unite. The internet makes it possible to advertise for a re-unite using forums and message boards, databases allow records of medals offered for sale to be kept. The trick is now to unite the two to actively join the seeker with the seller.

The Register makes this possible. The Register now shows records of QSAs and KSAs and other medals that have been offered for sale. There are over 17,600 records of medals for sale from auctions, medal dealers and also medals in a private collection, at least you know the medal exists. Amongst these records I have seen many possible reunites - some are listed below.

Just this weekend records in The Register allowed me to contact a family researcher seeking a QSA to reunite with his great-grandfather's Distinguished Conduct Medal - QMS 1261 T Hogan, King's Royal Rifle Corps . The QSA had appeared on a dealer's list. The family researcher had originally posted a request on the British Medals Forum in 2013.

You can use The Register to directly register an interest in a soldier by simply buying that man's record (or woman, The Register holds records for nurses). Every time that record is updated you receive an email telling you the record has been updated. The update could be new information or that a medal connected with that person has been listed for sale. Once purchased there is no further cost, you will always be eligible for update emails. Just remember to keep your email address updated.

The Register is the only automated re-unite register actively linking searcher and seller. Try it!

Re-unites noted so far:

* Nursing Sister MB Alexander, Scottish Hospital: QSA and KSA with Scottish National Red Cross Hospital and St. Andrew’s Ambulance Association Tribute Medal 1900
* Sgt-Mjr H Arnold, Australian Horse: DCM and QSA with Gunnedah and District Boer War Tribute Medal
* Lt JA Baillie, Steinaecker's Horse: DSO,QSA,Coronation 1902 with Victory Medal
* L-Cpl R Belsey 4338, 9th Lancers: MM (in a museum) with QSA,KSA,Victory Medal
* Cpl HL Byas, British South Africa Police: British War Medal with 1914-15 Star
* Pte H Clarke 5075, 6th Dragoons: QSA with KSA
* Pte G Clayden 477, Rifle Brigade: QSA with KSA
* Scout W Coles 10057, French's Scouts: QSA with KSA
* Pte FW Collins 3761, Middlesex Regiment: QSA with 1914-15 Star trio
* Pte J Cunniff 2022, Scots Guards: QSA with KSA
* Gnr HJ Davis 59257, RHA: QSA, KSA with LSGC
* Cpl A Grainger 2454, Buffs: IGS with QSA
* Pte J Gun 4384, Seaforths: Queen's Sudan with IGS and Khedive's Sudan
* Pte C Haines 4344, South Wales Borderers: QSA with KSA
* AB RJ Harris, HMS Magicienne: QSA with African General Service
* QMS 1261 T Hogan, KRRC: QSA with DCM and Militia LSGC
* Major AL Howard, Canadian Scouts: DSO and QSA with Northwest Canada medal (locally engraved)
* Cpl E Ibbotson 8226, RE: QSA with MC, DCM, 1914-15 Star
* Gnr H Jackman 85631, RFA: QSA with LSGC and Coronation 1911
* Duffadar DM Khan 1706, 18th Bengal Lancers: QSA with Order of British India
* Pte J King 3152, 19th Hussars: QSA with KSA
* Lt-Col CVB Kuper, RA: QSA with 1914-15 Star trio
* Trpr ID Mackenzie 520,  Rhodesian Regiment: QSA with BSAC
.............. and there are more.

Of course the record medals sold works the other way: identifying splits which I blogged earlier.


  1. Pte J Hannah 1326, Gordon Highlanders - QSA sold in December 2014 - KSA now for sale

  2. Pte CH Napper 3942, 6th Dragoon Guards and 3rd Dragoon Guards - QSA sold December 2011 - KSA now for sale

  3. Pte H Mullin 7897, Grenadier Guards - KSA ebay Nov 2011 - MM now for sale

  4. Sapper JA Venus 24803, Royal Engineers - KSA ebay Nov 2011 - QSA now for sale

  5. Pte 3086 J Donnelly, Cape Mounted Rifles - KSA ebay Sept 2012 - QSA & BWM now for sale

  6. Pte 2616 T Smith, Middlesex Rgt - QSA ebay Dec 2014 - KSA now for sale

  7. Driver 82352 A Stone RFA - QSA in a private collection, KSA now for sale. Owner of QSA notified.

  8. Lt AGMF Howard King's (Royal Lancaster Regt) - QSA sold Jan 2015. KSA now for sale

  9. Pte 3284 W Webb 10th Hussars - QSA sold eBay November 2013. KSA now for sale

  10. R J Harris AB HMS Magicienne - QSA on auction site March 2017, now re-united with his AGS through The Register.

  11. Trpr 211 J Potts Protectorate Regt (Mafeking defender) - QSA sold 1971 & 1975. KSA now for sale

  12. Sgt T/9538 WJT Tattersall ASC, BWM sold January 2016, QSA & LSGC for sale again

  13. Pte 3718 N McLaren 18th Hussars, QSA sold ebay December 2011. KSA now for sale

  14. Sgt 25625 CE Ellaby, Prince of Wales LH, QSA sold DNW March 2011. KSA now for sale - Trpr 1324 BSAP

  15. Pte 3569 JK Woodhall 6th Dragoon Guards. KSA sold eBay July 2017. QSA & 1914 Star trio sold at auction today

    1. QSA only for sale on eBay - where is the 14 Star trio?

  16. Sgt 744 J Kerr Cape Police. KSA sold eBay May 2012. QSA Sgt 22393 J Kerr Commander-in-Chief's Bodyguard - to be offered at auction

  17. Pte 380 GW Bates CIV. QSA sold Special Auction Services April 2015. His named Willesden Tribute Medal now for sale

  18. Pte 4582 FJ Higgins 7th Dragoon Guards. KSA sold Alec Kaplan February 2015. QSA now for sale.

  19. Pte 5243 A Coles Devon Rgt. QSA & KSA now for sale on separate sites.