Saturday 20 February 2021

Imperial Yeomanry - Table of Clasps

This table only counts clasps to men who first served in the IY before serving in other units. This excludes men who served in other units first earning a clasp, such as Elandslaagte, and then transferring to the IY.

This blogs updates the information in British Battles & Medals (Hayward, Birch & Bishop, Spink 2006 7th edition) which states the IY only qualified for the Wittebergen  battle clasp and, "other 'battle' clasps, [were] granted whilst attached to other units". This is clearly not quite accurate.

The IY only qualified for three battle clasps in unit strength; Diamond Hill, Wittebergen and Johannesburg. The other battle clasps; Belfast, Dreifontein and Relief of Mafeking were earned by "odd men" and further work is required to understand exactly how these men came to earn the clasp.

Cape Colony 28,447
Orange Free State 21,373
Transvaal 20,606
Wittebergen 2,302
Rhodesia 1,025
Johannesburg 575
Diamond Hill 539
Natal 59
Belfast 23
Dreifontein 8
Wepener 3  Relief Force, issued in error
Relief of Mafeking 2
Paardeberg 1
 GW Tindall, servant to the Earl of Errol, specially enlisted in the Imperial Yeomanry
Relief of Kimberley 1  GW Tindall
Belmont 0
Defence of Kimberley 0
Defence of Ladysmith 0
Defence of Mafeking 0
Elandslaagte 0
Laings Nek 0
Modder River 0
Relief of Ladysmith 0
Talana 0
Tugela Heights 0



  1. Great research as always Meurig - thank you!

    1. Thank you! Always a pleasure to receive feedback. Interested what aspect of the war others want to know more about, The Register may have the answer.