Monday 2 March 2020

Queen's South Africa medal: multi clasp medals

The Register is a large database with many types of data that can be interrogated in ways not yet done to provide new and unique views of the British Empire in the Anglo-Boer War.

The Queen's South Africa (QSA) medal could be issued with zero to 26 clasps in a variety of combinations. These combinations are of great interest to many medal collectors.

The number of clasps on a QSA is one collecting facet. As I build a new QSA medal roll index, the table below shows the numbers of clasps issued on the QSA drawn from the current 124,948 QSA clasp entitlement on The Register. As more data is added these numbers will change.

Clasps No Date Clasps All Including Date Clasps
0 12178  12178
1 12098 12374
2 12808 20827
3 23504 26316
4 10368 33208
5 6203 26305
6 3583 4828
7 396 846
8 146 207
9 0 37
10 0 0
Total QSA 69106 124948

You can get the number of multi-clasp medals (not segmented by date clasp) in The Research Centre, scroll down to "Number of clasps awarded on a QSA".

There are no 10 clasp QSAs, but I have included this number as some may believe 10 clasp QSAs were issued. The June 1972 issue of the Military History Journal published an article entitled Queen's South Africa Medal with 10 Bars by GR Duxbury. I had another look at the medal in question, a 10 clasp medal named to Trooper M(oses) Wilson Damant's Horse. The medal was part of the Ronnie Hunt collection on permanent loan to the SA National War Museum, now the Ditsong National Museum of Military History. I wrote a reply, The ten-clasp QSA mystery resolved, Military History Journal (South African Military History Society) vol 125 No 5 June 2012.

I established that Trooper Wilson's 10 clasp QSA Belmont, Modder River, Paardeberg, Driefontein, Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Wittebergen, Relief of Kimberley, South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 should be an eight clasp QSA with the two date clasps on the King's South Africa medal. See


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